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Updated Cube Boasts a Smoother Mana Curve | MTG Cube

Updated Cube Boasts a Smoother Mana Curve

We’ve spent the last week incorporating your feedback and making some major overhauls to The Cube. Here is a quick summary of the changes so you can remain competitive in tonight’s draft:

  • While The Cube size has remained constant at 540, over 100 cards have changed – this is our biggest Cube update ever!  (View the Changelog tab in Google Docs for the full listing.)
  • The average converted mana cost (ACC) of each color has been drastically reduced.  This means fewer high-casting cost cards floating around the table, and a smoother mana curve no matter which color(s) you choose to draft.  Each color’s ACC is as follows:
    • Black: 2.74
    • Blue: 2.84
    • Green: 2.67
    • Red: 2.27
    • White: 2.84
  • In general, each color’s core strength has received greater emphasis.  More specifically:
    • Black has remained mostly unchanged since last week, and still focuses on creature/hand destruction and more weenies.
    • Blue has far fewer creatures in lieu of countermagic and card drawing, to further strengthen the control archetype.
    • Green has been refreshed with many more cost-efficient creatures, mana rampers, and artifact destruction.
    • Red received – you guessed it – way more burn!  And more land destruction as well (how did I miss Stone Rain??).
    • White saw more weenies get added to the mix, as well as a small handful of artifact/enchantment destruction.
  • “Karoo” lands have been added back in.
  • To fine-tune The Cube’s color balance, cards such as Kird Ape and Desolation Angel have been reclassified as multicolor cards for their respective combos.
  • Color-specific lands such as Tolarian Academy and Kjeldoran Outpost have been reclassified as cards of their respective colors.
  • ~10 more artifacts have been added to round each section out at 70-apiece (except multi-color at 55 cards).
  • The controversial Chaos Orb has been removed…for now.

The Cube page has been fully updated so you are able to peruse all of the latest cards.  For a full changelog, view The Cube in Google Docs.  I can’t wait to see The Cube’s major facelift in action tonight…see you at the table!

3 Responses to “Updated Cube Boasts a Smoother Mana Curve”

  1. steve Says:

    Digging it! Agro is looking good now…

  2. Keston Says:

    As good as the Chaos Orb was for me last time, the less auto-first-picks the better so I’m all for it!

  3. Gorgalore Says:

    Any card that becomes one of the top ten cards in M:tG because of an errata deserves to be ripped up and thrown all over, then never be spoken of again. It’s like when you go to a buddy’s house to play beer pong, and they have some weird ass, stupid house rule that they bust out on you right at the last shot.

    In fact, last time I saw that Chaos Orb, it got passed by several players and then I passed it thinking it would be played AS IT READ, but then it got played on me as “oh it’s an unstoppable destroy permanent, kthx” by someone who knew of the errata beforehand. Boo.

    A rule of thumb should be that cards that are banned in all M:tG formats should be banned in cube, though I’d reconsider with Shahrazad.

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